Brow and lash tinting is becoming more and more popular among women today, it has many advantages such need for less or no makeup during an instant plan to go out. This treatment is beneficial for those who usually participate in sports and other activates, and it saves lot of time if one is in hurry. This treatment enhances the facial features, and is recommended for women mostly. However men with pretty lashes can benefit with a little improvement too.  Why not visit us and give it a try? You will never regret it.

This is a quick, painless, and straight forward procedure, usually done with vegetable dye to tin your eye lashes or eye brows. There are several colours which are utilized to change colour of your lashes/eye brows. You can either select the colour you want, or our therapists can also advise you the best colour which will suit you. A patch test should be done before 48 hours of the treatment, to ensure that you’re not allergic to any ingredient that will be sued in treatment.