About our salon

Rich Hair Salon was born in 2016, when Kate realized there was a real need for London hairdresser professionals that offered an alternative to the more “traditional” hair salons in London Essex. Her vision cantered on wanting to help clients feel comfortable and well looked after in a hair salon with a fashionable relaxed online essay service homelike environment. Rich Hair’s concept will be a new London hair salon that will be an immediate hit, Its main priority is to be unpretentious and have a laid back vide all while providing professional services. Rich Hair salon will be supported by the industry’s best education and continue updating on the most current trends offered from fashion shows.

Rich Hair team has been a part of many hair fashion shows. Equipped with the knowledge, skills and some of the most advanced professional hair care products around; our team can create any look you want. They’ll also share their expertise with their clientele on how to style their hair when not around the Rich Hair salon.

Why us?

Every woman desire to look beautiful, however, the beauty not only relies on the face. In order to create the perfect look, you also have to make sure that your hair is healthy and gorgeous. Many of the ladies these days apply special treatments on their hair to make sure that they will not be damaged.

As well as they have special appointments with the Hairdresser, to get the improvement of their hair checked. As well as they make sure that, their look is according to the latest trends with the care that they want.

Damaged hair

The real problem is when you are one of the ladies with the beautiful hair but in order to look stunning instead of taking care of your hair, you begin to damage them. The heat treatments and the dye that we apply on our hair are the worst enemies.

Apart from that, it often happens that we get our hair shortened in order to achieve their same beauty once again. What we do not understand that we must have to take special hair treatment or beauty services that will help us in reviving the look that has been gone because of the ill treatment that we gave to our beautiful hair.

So in order to help you get back the same silky and smooth here, we have brought for you the special hair treatment that you would love to have because of the positive results.

Hair treatment

So you have come for the hair treatment but want to change the shade of your hair as well. In order to meet your requirements in a safe manner, we have for you the Olaplex or the Bondalux. These are the special products available in the liquid form. Our professional hairdressers will mix them with the hair color and apply on your hair.

It is a treatment that has been utilized by us for all types of hair whether they have been poorly damaged or they are dry. It might feel like that you have got the glossing treatment but in essay writer reality, it will amaze you with the amazing damage repair results that you will notice with time.

So do not give up on your hair yet as this treatment will bring them back to life.

Beauty services

You will get the following beauty services from us:

  • Our hairdressers will check the condition of your hair and then advise the number of treatments you need
  • The hair treatment will enhance the color of your hair as well
  • All our beauty services and the treatment are available in affordable cost
  • You will not have to worry about the condition or the texture of your hair once you get this treatment

So it is time to amaze everyone at the occasion once again with the beautiful hair that you have always had. With the beauty services from our hairdressers, you will have the amazing looks without the worry of hair getting damaged.